Wednesday Night Bible Study Comes To An End

Our Wednesday Night Bible Study has come to a close for us for this trip.  We’ve enjoyed the interaction with a group smaller than what we have on Sunday afternoon worship service.  We had about 8-13 folks attending, all eager to go deeper into their Faith Walk.

Our first 4 Wednesdays we continued with the video series that our friends had started.  After finishing the series, our last session we used the Discovery Bible Study format.  We worked through 1 Corinthians 12:12-31a.  We discussed how each member of this small congregation is important for the health of the entire Church.

We pray each member will find their way to contribute to the whole, as they find their special gift and use this gift to the Glory of God.

Countries represented in the photo above are:  Back row-Syria, Iraq, Germany, USA, New Zealand, Russia, Germany.  Front row-Germany, Peru, USA, Philippines, Philippines.

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