Trip to Berlin

We had 1 full day and 2 half days, so off to Berlin we went.  We must say, we are now very familiar and comfortable riding the subway trains and buses in Berlin!  We even asked someone at an information booth for directions.  We thought the directions were wrong, and sure enough, we had to change them mid-transit and didn’t get lost.  Berlin was busier than normal last week while we were there.  The President of Turkey was visiting, so most of the major downtown monuments were closed.  However, the Berlin police were very friendly and helpful, directing folks around barricades so we could still experience Berlin.  Below are a few of the sites we visited – if only from the outside.

Walking around Berlin is an adventure!  We would pass a “small” park and in an alcove would be this beautiful statue.  The “Lady Reading on Top of my Phoenix” above was part of a great statue we discovered on our way to Tiegarten Park.  The “Corner Clock” was just on a corner in one of the neighborhoods.

We finally had a meal of wiener schnitzel!  It was fantastic!  It’s veal, cooked very similar to milanesa.  Milanesa was one of our favorite foods in Paraguay.  The potato salad served with the wiener schnitzel was also wonderful.  However, we did find something unusual that we did not eat – an octopus tentacle hot dog!!  It was billed as the “new definition of hot dogs”.

Actually, all the food here in Germany has been a real delight.  We’ve been very surprised at the foods available.  We’ve had food from Turkey, Greece, China, Thailand, Italy, to name a few, and they have all been wonderful.


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