Laboe – A trip to the beach by ferry on the Kiel Fjord

After what seemed like 2 or 3 weeks (actually just 8 days) of finding out how to navigate/shop/live in a new city in a new language, we were ready for a break.  Linda had done her first Bible Study and Ed had led his first Sunday Worship, so we decided to take a “preacher’s weekend” on Monday.  Many preachers find that after the crunch of preparing for and leading Sunday activities, the following Monday is their only way to have a day off.

Yenish and Natalya had recommended that we visit Laboe, a small beach town at the mouth of the Kiel Fjord on the Baltic Sea.  With the weather as good as it was likely to get for a fall day in northern Germany, (68F high and partly cloudy) we decided to head out.  It is about an hour trip by ferry, which is neat in itself.  We always like to take a boat ride – even if it is to the Baltic Sea! It was a WONDERFUL day – as Linda said – she felt like we had been on a mini-vacation.  So here are some photos.

We also got to visit a WWII U Boat.  It was captured by the British after the war and given to the Norwegian Navy.  About 1960 it was given back to Germany and it was set up as a museum.  It is AMAZING how tight it is inside.  We counted beds for 26 folks – and LOTS of machinery.  Also, there was a torpedo – it is quite large as well.  The submarine had 4 torpedo tubes.  The info at the museum said that 30,000 to 40,000 German submariners died in service.  But they sure wreaked havoc on the seas during the war.  It was all quite sobering.

Ed in the control room
Linda in another control room

The city of Laboe is charming.  Some of the houses were built in 1902 as week-end beach front homes.  Also charming were the beach site restaurants.  Germans can certainly charm you with “Backfisch” (fried fish sandwich).

House built in 1902
Come enjoy a Backfisch with us

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